Is Mill Creek's mulch produced from natural products?

Yes! Our mulch is produced and colored at our yard. It is manufactured with wood chips from trees harvested in the CNY area. We do not accept pallets, scrap lumber, or any other potentially contaminated wood.


Why should I use mulch in my landscape?

Mulch is an all-natural choice to control weeds and maintain moisture in your landscaping. It maintains uniform soil temperatures and encourages your garden / decorative plant investment to thrive with limited use of weed killers or other chemicals. Additionally, as mulch decomposes it adds nutrients to the soil.


Ok, I want to use mulch - why should I buy it at Mill Creek?

You are buying an all-natural high quality product directly from the manufacturer. It costs less to buy bulk vs. bag - you can savemore than $25 per cubic yard.


How big is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard is 3' x 3' x 3' - roughly the same volume as a washing machine. 1 cubic yard of mulch will cover an area 10' x 10' at a depth of 3". A cubic yard of mulch weighs 500 - 700 lbs.


Will the color wash off the mulch?

The mulch needs to dry completely to set the dye. Once set, the color will resist wash-out throughout the season and will fade very gradually due to sun exposure.


What is the colorant made from?

Black is made from carbon, the red is iron oxide / rust, and the brown is part carbon, and part iron oxide. All natural ingredients. A MSDS is available at Mill Creek's office.


What are my payment options?

We accept cash, checks with proper identification (starter or un-numbered checks will not be accepted), Visa and MasterCard, and paypal through our website. 


Can you deliver my mulch directly to my home?

Absolutely! In fact, you can order, pay and receive your mulch without leaving the comfort of your home. Call us at 315-452-9400 or visit, place your order and provide us with a credit card number. We will make arrangements to have your products delivered directly to your driveway. Call us for a delivery quote!


Do I have to load my own materials into my vehicle?

Mill Creek personnel will load your truck or trailer with our equipment provided it is open-topped and appears adequate for the load. We can not load vans, capped pick-up trucks, etc. Additionally, we can not accept responsibility for your decision to over-load a vehicle or trailer or for load spillage after you leave our yard.

How much does a yard of rocks or stones weigh?

One cubic yard (3' x 3' x 3') weighs approximately 3000-4000 lbs.


Is your topsoil screened?

Yes. It is screened to 1/2" and minus to remove roots, large rocks, clods, etc.


What is fill dirt?

Fill dirt is the soil found under the layer of topsoil. It contains little or no organic matter necessary for good plant growth. It is commonly used when inexpensive fill is needed for low spots, back-filling after removing a swimming pool, voids, etc.


What is stone dust?

Stone dust is a clean 1/4" and minus material (with fines) commonly used as bedding under pavers, flagstone sidewalks, and driveways. It compacts and packs well.


What is #3 stone?

 #3 stone is rock from 1" to 2½" and is commonly used for drainage or hard landscaping "mulch".


What is #2 stone?

#2 stone is rock from ¾" to 1½" and is commonly used for "hard landscape mulch", drainage pipe backfill, water drainage and sub-base for concrete.


What is Run-of-Crush (ROC - also known as Crusher Run)?

ROC is rock 2" and minus with fines. This material packs very well and is commonly used as a driveway / sidewalk / parking lot base material in depths of 2 - 8".


What is driveway mix?

Driveway mix is rock 1" and minus with fines and is easier to compact as a base for driveways, etc.


What is pea stone?

Pea stone contains small glacially-smoothed rocks generally 3/8" in size with little or no fines. It does not pack; however, it does drain well. It is commonly used under decks, in drainage systems and in a variety of landscape applications.